descriptionPinEntry Dialog (Qt) for X2Go Client
ownerX2Go dev team
last changeTue, 25 Feb 2014 16:53:02 +0000 (17:53 +0100)
2014-02-25 Mike GabrielRun lrelease during autoreconf. master
2014-02-25 Mike Gabrieldebian/rules: Remove more buildcruft.
2014-02-25 Mike GabrielUpdate German translation file.
2014-02-25 Mike GabrielUpdate
2014-02-25 Mike Gabrieldrop binary translation file
2014-02-25 Ricardo Díaz... New translation of PIN-Entry X2Go into Spanish.
2014-02-25 Mike Gabrielupdate qt_de.qm from Debian unstable
2014-02-25 Mike Gabrieldebian/rules: Don't fail on dh_auto_clean.
2013-12-10 Mike Gabrielpinentry-x2go.spec: gcc-c++ does not seem to be require...
2013-12-09 Mike Gabrielpinentry-x2go.spec: use virtual package qt4-devel for...
2013-12-09 Mike Gabrielpinentry-x2go.spec: typo fix
2013-12-09 Mike Gabrielgcc-g++ is a build requirement
2013-12-09 Mike Gabrielpinentry-x2go: fix file after manual build-test against...
2013-12-08 Mike Gabrieltry avoiding gcc error with libmpc-devel installed
2013-12-08 Mike Gabrielmake qmake-qt4 findable for EPEL-5 builds
2013-12-08 Mike Gabrielfix package name of build-requirement qt(4)-devel
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