descriptionX2Go Administration Center
ownerX2Go dev team
last changeWed, 15 Oct 2014 09:53:40 +0000 (11:53 +0200)
8 days ago Mike GabrielOwn directory %{_libdir}/cgi-bin/. master
8 days ago Mike GabrielMake sure x2gorpcserver.cgi is executabe on SUSE systems.
8 days ago Mike GabrielDon't package x2goadmincenter.8 man page in both bin...
8 days ago Mike Gabrielx2goadmincenter.spec: Fix some rpmlintrc issues.
8 days ago Mike Qt;KDE;Application;System;RemoteAccess;.
8 days ago Mike GabrielSet Categories= field in x2goadmincenter.desktop to...
8 days ago Mike GabrielAdapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
2014-09-09 Robert PartsAdd Estonian translation files.
2014-08-18 Mike GabrielUpdate language files. Add .ts files for languages...
2014-08-18 Mike GabrielUpdate qt_<lang>.qm files from Debian unstable as of...
2014-08-16 Mike Gabrielsilent update of the Finnish translation file
2014-07-09 Mike GabrielAdd COPYING file.
2014-02-28 Mike GabrielAdd Spanish translation files.
2014-02-28 Ricardo DiazAdded spanish translation (main admincenter GUI)
2014-02-28 Mike Gabrieladd qt_<lang>.qm files for all available languages
2014-02-28 Ricardo DiazAdded spanish translation file (user admin GUI)
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