descriptionGNOMEv2 bindings for X2Go
ownerX2Go dev team
last changeWed, 9 Jul 2014 18:17:21 +0000 (20:17 +0200)
2014-07-09 Mike GabrielUpdate COPYING file (to update FSF address). master
2014-02-25 Ricardo Díaz... Add translation for X2Go GNOMEv2 Bindings to Spanish.
2014-01-07 Mike Gabrielremove faulty entry from debian/changelog, version...
2014-01-07 Mike GabrielContinue development...
2014-01-07 Mike Gabrielrelease build-main
2014-01-07 Mike Gabrielhappy new year
2014-01-07 Mike GabrielRun MIME cache updates and desktop file updates only...
2013-12-17 Mike GabrielUpdate MIME cache, desktop database on %post/%postun...
2013-12-17 Mike Gabrielmore scripts with 0755 permissions
2013-12-17 Mike GabrielUse x2gopath in scripts rather than deprecated x2gobase...
2013-12-17 Mike GabrielInstall scripts with 0755 permissions.
2013-12-13 Mike Gabrielx2gognomebindings.spec: provide empty vendor string...
2013-12-13 Mike Gabrielx2gognomebindings.spec: use desktop-file-install to...
2013-12-13 Mike Gabrielx2gognomebindings: add several packages to Requires...
2013-12-13 Mike Gabrielx2gognomebindings.spec: fix build on EPEL-5
2013-12-13 Mike Gabrielx2gognomebindings.spec: fix filename
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