descriptionMATE bindings for X2Go
ownerX2Go dev team
last changeTue, 4 Nov 2014 05:32:05 +0000 (06:32 +0100)
2014-11-04 Mike GabrielRe-name x2gocaja to "Caja (X2Go/SSHFS)" in x2gocaja... master
2014-11-04 Mark Pedersen... Translate Name= field in x2gosuspend-mate to Danish.
2014-11-04 Mike GabrielAdd Danish translation file.
2014-10-07 Mike Gabriel* x2gomatebindings.spec: Drop from BR: GConf2-devel.
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielContinue development...
2014-10-03 Mike Gabrielrelease build-main
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielDrop compile file during clean rule.
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielUpdate INSTALL file.
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielDrop remnants of once-used gconf from
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielDrop B-D: libgconf2-dev.
2014-10-03 Mike Gabrieldebian/rules: Make sure, all .la files are removed...
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielSection: is x11, no such Section: mate.
2014-10-03 Mike GabrielRevert "release"
2014-10-03 Mike Gabrielrelease
2014-09-09 Mike Gabrieluse full name for the Dutch translator
2014-09-09 Robert PartsAdd Estonian translation.
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