x2go.backends.profiles.file module

x2go.backends.profiles.file.X2GoSessionProfiles class - managing X2Go Client session profiles read from a file (~/.x2goclient/sessions).

x2go.backends.profiles.base.X2GoSessionProfiles is a public API class. Use this class in your Python X2Go based applications.

class x2go.backends.profiles.file.X2GoSessionProfiles(config_files=['/home/mike/.x2goclient/sessions', '/etc/x2goclient/sessions'], session_profile_defaults=None, logger=None, loglevel=56, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: x2go.backends.profiles.base.X2GoSessionProfiles, x2go.inifiles.X2GoIniFile

get_type(section, key)[source]

Override the inifile class’s get_type method due to the special layout of the session profile class.

  • section (str) – INI file section
  • key (str) – key in INI file section

the data type of key in section

Return type: