x2go.backends.settings.file module

X2GoClientSettings class - managing x2goclient settings file.

The x2go.backends.settings.file.X2GoClientSettings class one of Python X2Go’s a public API classes. Use this class (indirectly by retrieving it from an x2go.client.X2GoClient instance) in your Python X2Go based applications to access the »settings« configuration file of your X2Go client application.

This class supports reading the »settings« configuration from a file (~/.x2goclient/settings).

class x2go.backends.settings.file.X2GoClientSettings(config_files=['/home/mike/.x2goclient/settings', '/etc/x2goclient/settings'], defaults={'trayicon': {'mintotray': True, 'mincon': True, 'enabled': True, 'noclose': True, 'maxdiscon': True}, 'LDAP': {'server': 'localhost', 'port': 389, 'port1': 0, 'useldap': False, 'port2': 0}, 'General': {'clientport': 22, 'autoresume': True}, 'Authorization': {'editprofile': True, 'suspend': True, 'resume': True, 'newprofile': True}}, logger=None, loglevel=56)[source]

Bases: x2go.inifiles.X2GoIniFile

Configuration file based settings for x2go.client.X2GoClient instances.