x2go.cleanup module

A recommended X2Go session clean up helper function.

x2go.cleanup.x2go_cleanup(e=None, threads=None)[source]

For every Python X2Go application you write, please make sure to capture the KeyboardInterrupt and the SystemExit exceptions and call this function if either of the exceptions occurs.


import x2go

    my_x2goclient = x2go.X2GoClient(...)

    [... your code ...]

except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
  • e (exception) – if L{x2go_cleanup} got called as you caught an exception in your code this can be the Exception that we will process at the end of the clean-up (or if clean-up failed or was not appropriate) (Default value = None)
  • threads (list) – a list of threads to clean up (Default value = None)