x2go.defaults module

Default variables and values for Python X2Go.


Default location for saving PDF files (PDFSAVE print action).

x2go.defaults.DEFAULT_PDFVIEW_CMD = 'xdg-open'

Default PDF viewer command for Linux systems (PDFVIEW print action).

x2go.defaults.DEFAULT_PRINTCMD_CMD = 'lpr'

Default command for the PRINTCMD print action.

x2go.defaults.PUBAPP_MAX_NO_SUBMENUS = 10

Less than ten applications will not get rendered into submenus.

x2go.defaults.RSAHostKey = <paramiko.rsakey.RSAKey object>

An RSA host key for this client session. Python X2Go does not use the system’s host key but generates its own host key for each running application instance.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_DESKTOPSESSIONS = {'KDE': 'startkde', 'MATE': 'mate-session', 'CINNAMON': 'cinnamon', 'GNOME': 'gnome-session', 'UNITY': 'unity', 'XFCE': 'xfce4-session', 'TRINITY': 'starttrinity', 'LXDE': 'startlxde', 'LXQt': 'startlxqt'}

A dictionary with meta-commands for X2Go’s window manager sessions.


X2Go’s generic applications.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_MIMEBOX_ACTIONS = {'SAVEAS': 'X2GoMIMEboxActionSAVEAS', 'OPEN': 'X2GoMIMEboxActionOPEN', 'OPENWITH': 'X2GoMIMEboxActionOPENWITH'}

Relating MIME box action names and classes.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_MIMEBOX_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST = ['LOCK', 'SYS', 'SWP', 'EXE', 'COM', 'CMD', 'PS1', 'PS2', 'BAT', 'JS', 'PY', 'PL', 'SH']

Black-listed MIME box file extenstions.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_PRINT_ACTIONS = {'PRINTCMD': 'X2GoPrintActionPRINTCMD', 'PDFSAVE': 'X2GoPrintActionPDFSAVE', 'PRINT': 'X2GoPrintActionPRINT', 'DIALOG': 'X2GoPrintActionDIALOG', 'PDFVIEW': 'X2GoPrintActionPDFVIEW'}

Relating print action names and classes.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_SESSIONPROFILE_DEFAULTS = {'layout': 'us', 'name': 'NEW_PROFILE', 'directrdpsettings': '', 'clipboard': 'both', 'key': '', 'fstunnel': True, 'setsessiontitle': False, 'useexports': True, 'krblogin': False, 'sshproxyhost': 'proxyhost.mydomain', 'rdpserver': '', 'sndport': 4713, 'export': {}, 'autostart': False, 'rdpoptions': '-u X2GO_USER -p X2GO_PASSWORD', 'usemimebox': False, 'user': 'mike', 'dpi': 96, 'print': False, 'startsoundsystem': False, 'mimeboxaction': 'OPEN', 'published': False, 'directrdp': False, 'applications': ['WWWBROWSER', 'MAILCLIENT', 'OFFICE', 'TERMINAL'], 'host': ['server.mydomain'], 'setdpi': False, 'forwardsshagent': False, 'sound': False, 'sshproxyautologin': True, 'rdpclient': 'rdesktop', 'sshproxyport': 22, 'rootless': True, 'sshport': 22, 'maxdim': False, 'sshproxyuser': '', 'defsndport': True, 'usesshproxy': False, 'soundsystem': 'pulse', 'type': 'pc105/us', 'sshproxysameuser': False, 'command': 'TERMINAL', 'sshproxykeyfile': '', 'useiconv': False, 'pack': '16m-jpeg', 'sessiontitle': '', 'restoreexports': False, 'autoconnect': False, 'iconvto': 'UTF-8', 'sshproxytype': 'SSH', 'iconvfrom': 'UTF-8', 'icon': ':icons/128x128/x2gosession.png', 'soundtunnel': True, 'variant': '', 'display': 1, 'mimeboxextensions': '', 'height': 600, 'multidisp': False, 'uniquehostkeyaliases': False, 'fullscreen': False, 'rdpport': 3389, 'sshproxysamepass': False, 'quality': 9, 'xinerama': False, 'xdmcpserver': 'localhost', 'autologin': True, 'usekbd': True, 'width': 800, 'speed': 2}

x2go.backends.profiles.base.X2GoSessionProfiles default values to fill a new session profile with.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_SHARE_FULLACCESS = 1

Constant representing read-write (full) access to shared desktops.

x2go.defaults.X2GO_SHARE_VIEWONLY = 0

Constant representing read-only access to shared desktops.

x2go.defaults.pack_methods_nx3_noqual = ['nopack', '8', '64', '256', '512', '4k', '32k', '64k', '256k', '2m', '16m', '256-rdp', '256-rdp-compressed', '32k-rdp', '32k-rdp-compressed', '64k-rdp', '64k-rdp-compressed', '16m-rdp', '16m-rdp-compressed', 'rfb-hextile', 'rfb-tight', 'rfb-tight-compressed', '8-tight', '64-tight', '256-tight', '512-tight', '4k-tight', '32k-tight', '64k-tight', '256k-tight', '2m-tight', '16m-tight', '8-jpeg-%', '64-jpeg', '256-jpeg', '512-jpeg', '4k-jpeg', '32k-jpeg', '64k-jpeg', '256k-jpeg', '2m-jpeg', '16m-jpeg-%', '8-png-jpeg-%', '64-png-jpeg', '256-png-jpeg', '512-png-jpeg', '4k-png-jpeg', '32k-png-jpeg', '64k-png-jpeg', '256k-png-jpeg', '2m-png-jpeg', '16m-png-jpeg-%', '8-png-%', '64-png', '256-png', '512-png', '4k-png', '32k-png', '64k-png', '256k-png', '2m-png', '16m-png-%', '16m-rgb-%', '16m-rle-%']

Available NX3 compression methods.