x2go.mimebox module

x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue sets up a thread that listens for incoming files that shall be opened locally on the client.

For each file that gets dropped in the MIME box an individual thread is started (x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxJob) that handles the processing of the incoming file.

class x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxJob(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: gevent.threading.Thread

For each X2Go MIME box job we create a sub-thread that let’s the MIME box job be processed in the background.

As a handler for this class the function L{x2go_mimeboxjob_handler()} is used.

class x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue(profile_name='UNKNOWN', session_name='UNKNOWN', mimebox_dir=None, mimebox_action=None, mimebox_extensions=[], client_instance=None, logger=None, loglevel=56)[source]

Bases: gevent.threading.Thread

If the X2Go MIME box is supported in a particaluar x2go.session.X2GoSession instance this class provides a sub-thread for handling incoming files in the MIME box directory. The actual handling of a dropped file is handled by the classes x2go.mimeboxactions.X2GoMIMEboxActionOPEN, x2go.mimeboxactions.X2GoMIMEboxActionOPENWITH and x2go.mimeboxactions.X2GoMIMEboxActionSAVEAS.

active_jobs = {}
mimebox = None
mimebox_action = None
mimebox_history = []

Prevent acceptance of new incoming files. The processing of MIME box jobs that are currently still active will be completed, though.


Resume operation of the X2Go MIME box queue and continue accepting new incoming files.


This method gets called once the x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue thread is started by the X2GoMIMEboxQueue.start() method.

set_mimebox_action(mimebox_action, **kwargs)[source]

Modify the MIME box action of this x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue thread during runtime. The change of the MIME box action will be valid for the next incoming file in the MIME box directory.

  • mimebox_action (str or obj) – the MIME box action to execute for incoming files
  • kwargs (dict) – extra options for the specified MIME box action

Stops this x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue thread completely.

x2go.mimebox.x2go_mimeboxjob_handler(mimebox_file=None, mimebox_extensions=[], mimebox_action=None, parent_thread=None, logger=None)[source]

This function is called as a handler function for each incoming X2Go MIME box file represented by the class x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxJob.

  • mimebox_file (str) – MIME box file name as placed in to the X2Go MIME box spool directory (Default value = None)
  • mimebox_action (X2GoMIMEboxActionXXX nstance) – an instance of either of the possible X2GoMIMEboxActionXXX classes (Default value = None)
  • mimebox_extensions (list) – filter out files whose file extension is not in this list (Default value = [], means: no filtering)
  • parent_thread (obj) – the x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue thread that actually created this handler’s x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxJob instance (Default value = None)
  • logger (obj) – the x2go.mimebox.X2GoMIMEboxQueue‘s logging instance (Default value = None)